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If it weren't for the presence, spirit, and guidance of the Redwood groves at Navarro River Redwoods Park, particularly those near the Paul M. Dimmick campground, I certainly would not be the Earth-loving and Redwood-worshipping Pagan practitioner that I am today.

Consider such long-lived trees as these Redwoods as essential elements of the Planetary memory.


The British Admiralty was so happy to see the coast of Maine with all the tall conifers. It meant they would have a ready supply of spars and masts without trading with the enemy. The oak forests a little further south in the New World were equally attractive. the timber for their fleets was coming from as far away as Scandinavia and Lithuania. They had logged off England - except for royal preserves by 16-something. Only remnants like the Forest of Dean remained. All those sheep and cows...

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