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I agree with you so much. The transphobia in the Dianic tradition has given me great pause ever since I started studying that path and participating in a Dianic circle, and I've been given many "reasons" why transwomen are excluded from Dianic practice, and not one of them ever felt right to me. I don't have the right to decide whether someone really is a woman or not, and I certainly don't have the right to question another woman's connection to the Goddess AS a woman. I loved your post and your perspective on this issue, and it is a very necessary breath of fresh air from within the Dianic community. Thank you for writing this.

Femme Guy

Your comments here are cogent and a breath of fresh air. I have been referring to them in many places. Thank you so much for giving them to us.

a sister

Thank you so much for this. It is so powerful and healing to hear your perspective. The transphobia in the Dianic tradition is a big part of why I chose to leave. Thank you for putting your 2cents within the context of your own life and sharing it.

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