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Let me think about it Linda. It takes a while for me to process things like this through any media but writing.

Linda Moran

Victoria - after the shootings in Tucson I set up a site on line for people to create art that promotes peace and healing. Perhaps this would be something you would like to contribute to with artwork. I am planning to become active again with the site in the light of the Norway tragedy. I let things slide, and I can't do that. Here's the link - http://artfromtheheart.org.

Let me know if you'd like to do something.
Linda in Tucson

Irene Mazer

Thank you for your beautiful essay on the horrors we've witnessed from afar. Your chosen Faith appears in many ways to complement my Baha'i Faith while expressing itself so very differently. We, too, embrace unity in the true sense -- a garden with many different blooms is more attractive and healthy than a garden in which only one species is represented. You might wish to explore www.bahai.org or www.planetbahai.org.
Your spiritual friend, Irene

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